30 de maio de 2014

Dream Circus - Lie - Live @ Rock no Sado 2013

Dream Circus band photos 2014

Is there any really? It's really hard to get this animals together and just take a picture.

Dream Circus Interview @ Curto Circuito

I was really depressed on this day, it was really hard for me to get in front of the camera.

Dream Circus @ Républica da Música, Lisbon

Dream Circus @ Alcobaça

Dream Circus @ Stairway Club, Cascais

Dream Circus @ XII Rock Of - Vila Nova Cantanhede

Sathya - Overload

From our debut EP. Saty where are you?

Contos de Horror - Duquesa Múmia

Another humorous and horrific song from Contos de Horror.

Lilith Red - O Assalto

Lililth Red the Assault, it's the name given to the role playing game created by me, that served to promote the online alternative clothing shop Lilith Red
This is the soundtrack I've created:

Dream Circus - Illusion - LIVE @ Rock no Sado 2013

Dream Circus - Going Down @ Side B

Dream Circus - Criminal - Live @ Rock no Sado 2013

Dream Circus - Waiting - Live @ Ajcoi - Pinhal Novo)